mindy coppo


Art was my first love. I was gifted a film camera at age ten and photography quickly became my favorite medium. Family vacations — and all travel to follow — were entirely different with this device in my hands. I learned to shoot with and develop film in high school and sought more formal training in MFA courses at the Academy of Art. From there, I moved on to gain real-world experience working alongside some of San Francisco’s top wedding photographers.  

After nearly nine years in the Bay Area, I relocated to Los Angeles, in search of sunshine and more creative opportunities. I'm excited by a diverse range of art, design, food, and music — and this sprawling metropolis is bursting with all of it. 

I take a journalistic approach to photography, capturing images candidly in the moment. Being in front of the camera is not natural for everyone, and I’ve learned the importance of creating an easygoing, comfortable environment for my clients. Whether it's your wedding day or a boudoir session, I will be there to make you look and feel your best.